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Film Screening Event with Director, Sang Mee Choo

Mar.26, 2019@Emory University, White Hall 207

A film screening event with Q&A session with the director of the film, Sang Mee Choo! Emory University, White Hall 207 at 5:30PM on March 26! "Children Gone to Poland"  tells the story of North Korean war orphans who were sent to Poland during the Korean War and details the struggles they encountered as refugees and their journey back home. Free snacks provided at the event. 

Book Talk

Mar.9, 2019@Kim Dae-jung Presidential Library

Korean version of Seeking Refuge was released in March 4. Jongdae Kim, the translator of Seeking Refuge, will be speaking at Kim Dae-jung Presidential Library and Museum on March 9.  

The Georgia Campaign for Peace in Korea

Sign-On Letter to Congress

The Georgia Campaign for Peace in Korea is a multi-generational, nationally growing movement of Korean Americans and allies working for peace and reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula. Please join in our collaborative effort by signing on the letter to Congress.

Georgia Korea Peace Campaign Meeting

Feb. 2, 2019 @ Korean Cultural Center

Welcome to our inaugural meeting for Georgia Korea Peace Campaign! This national campaign was organized with a goal to mobilize the U.S. policymakers to make progress toward the Peace Treaty on the Korean Peninsula. In this meeting, we will discuss about the current political climate as well as our strategies, including signing a letter for congress and our DC visit on March 13-14. We look forward to your participation!

2019 Spring College Readiness Programs by Regeneration!

Feb.5, 2019-May 2, 2019 @ Clarkston High School

2019 spring class will start on Feb. 5 at Clarkston High School room 20. We will continue our classes for college prep on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30PM to 5:30PM. Starting from this semester, we will be providing pre-college English readiness program in addition to our SAT/ACT classes on Wednesdays! This will be a program for students whose first language is not English with a goal to prepare them for college-level reading/writing/grammar skills.

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